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I’m Kelly Sciandra. I am a business owner, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Coach, essential oil expert, and MOST notably, boy mom to two handsome fellas!
My holistic healing journey started when my first son was born and I was desperate to have empowerment in his wellness and our family’s wellness. Many years later, I continued my holistic healing journey when I shifted from a business management career to a stay at home mom and needed to find purpose and drive in my everyday life. I discovered that through self-care practice, I learned self-love, and through self-love, I learned self-motivation. I learned how to live each day mindfully and purposefully. I’m passionate about inspiring those who are looking for direction in transforming their life’s purpose and creating a goal-oriented, inspired journey of their own through mindfulness and aspiration. I whole-heartedly believe in holistic health. It’s an intertwining relationship between mind, body, and soul. My coaching programs allow other women who want to feel empowered in their wellness, find the purpose that has been lost, establish self-care practices, live with self-love, and find accountability within themselves to become full of intention mindfulness. To live in the present! My ultimate wish is to create a world of healers & feelers with fewer pushers & sufferers. Thank you for being here! ~K

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There is scientific evidence that some of the most successful people all have gratefulness in common. To become more grateful in your life, try writing down those three daily things: morning and night. Start your day with gratitude by writing down what you are thankful for at that moment. These can be super simple things, like "I am grateful for the sunshine today" or "I was grateful for that restful sleep last night." Before laying yourself to rest at night, do the same thing. Showing gratitude each day helps to lay a foundation for finding gratitude in your everyday life. So, what are you grateful for today?

To live a more holistic lifestyle means living harmoniously, combining mind, body, and soul, and choosing to look past just the physical part of yourself and into your self's mind, spirit, and emotional components. We are multidimensional beings, so accepting and living a way that allows your self is a holistic approach to living. There are many ways you can start a more holistic approach to life. Practice mindfulness and gratitude, recognize your body's power and its intuitions, eat clean and nutritious foods, focus on positive relationships and feelings, connect to the earth and a higher spirit, and be respectful to yourself and the world around you, recycle, reuse. And let yourself learn and grow.

Mindfulness comes from being in balance, heart, soul, and health. To experience mindfulness, you must be present in your feelings and thoughts. Be aware of your impact not only on others but on yourself. Try to meditate for 5-10 mins a day. Set aside time to be still, no distractions. Concentrate on where your thoughts drift to and focus them on returning to that state of stillness. Breathe and be present.

Take each part of yourself and give it some love and attention. Start your day with gratitude and something positive. Move, treat, nourish, and thank the self you have—set boundaries. Say no, or say yes, but do the fulfilling and beneficial things to you; drop what is not. Surround yourself with people that love, support, and encourage you. Let go of toxic relationships and people that are less than impressive. Stop the comparisons. Be realistic, and know there are ebbs and flows for all of us. No one on earth is like you; celebrate what makes you, you. Learn to be thankful for your body, your features, your attributes. Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Big or small. Don't believe everything you think. Our inner critic is our worst enemy. Live your passion. Dream big. Allow stillness and quiet time for yourself. Forgive yourself, forgive others. Forgiveness is beneficial to you and your health. Ask for help during tough times. Lean on and into people. Treat people with respect and kindness. Be creative. Have some adventure. Go inward and outward to get to know yourself. Give thanks. Give love. Receive love.

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