In my line of work, whether it be on this essential oil journey with dōTERRA or working as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I am asked over and over what my “why” is. Each time more and more reasons come to the surface for me.
My “why” was initially to be able to stay home with my boys when they were still young enough to appreciate it, to have some control in our health decisions, and to be able to find deep passion and joy in what I was doing. As time has passed, the world has changed around me, allowing me to extend my “why” and appreciate the fact that I have accomplished them. I could have stopped there, but that would be selfish of me because I realize there are others out there that may be where I was and want the things I have wanted.
There is no doubt the happenings around the world are becoming crazier and crazier each passing year. Chronic illness, drug addiction, and substance abuse are at an all-time high, along with an economic crisis around the corner. There is even more passion for driving my “why” now.
Life is so very precious. I learned that as a small child when I lost my dad. I continued to learn this lesson when I did not feel loved as I faced abuse and neglect throughout my childhood. I knew as a young child, what it felt like to go without financially and emotionally. I dreamed of a world then of peace, love, and stability. I have not given up that dream. I refuse to.
Now more than ever, I sincerely believe that we can help each other heal and be healthy. Not just in the physical form, but on an emotional level. We do not have to continue the destructive cycles of the past. It is up to each individual to stop the cycle.
Holistic health is just that, living in a harmonious balance of heart, soul, and health, which drew me to this lifestyle. I do not doubt that most people would choose to live a long and healthy life over one riddled with pain, health issues, and stress. I also believe that most of us would like to be present and enjoy the little, but monumental moments life serves us.
After all, we have one go around this planet, shouldn’t we all be focused on living it the best way we can?
So, what is my “why” today?
My “why” is to serve, to influence not only myself and my immediate family’s needs to live the most fulfilling life we can but also to encourage others to do so. I am aware of the feelings that you can possess that make any change, big or small, see impossible. But I also know that those are just feelings, that inner critic we all have inside us telling us we cannot.
The truth is, change is always possible. It takes trust and faith and love and will power for yourself and others.
It takes surrounding yourself with people that not only support and encourage you but have the same visions as you do.
What is your “why”? What is your reason for holding space in this world? Will you be fulfilled and proud of it when your ride is over?