I believe in holistic healing wholeheartedly. I will be the first to run into the kitchen, chop an onion in half, or roast some garlic soothing an earache in our home. Or drink apple cider vinegar with cayenne pepper and honey for a sore throat. And I vow that there is an essential oil for EVERYTHING from a skin rash to anxiety and ADHD to lowering a fever.
We live in a society that has complied with the notion of seeing a doctor at the slightest discomfort in ourselves instead of letting our bodies try and heal or discover what it is naturally designed to do. People now want an immediate fix and reaction for everything, including their bodies.
A fever, for instance, is your body’s way of fighting off an infection in the body such as an ear infection, cold, or flu. Fevers are good! A study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that children who ran a fever in their first year were less likely to develop allergies later in their childhood than children who did not have a fever. Experiencing a fever kicks your child’s immune system into high gear right from the start. At an average temperature, illness-causing microbes do their best, but as a fever increases, those microbes reproduce therefore boosting that immune system fighting abilities. There is, of course, the concern that a high fever will cause long term harmful effects among many parents, and no one wants to see their child uncomfortable. Still, the brain has a built-in regulatory mechanism that prevents fevers caused by infections from getting above 105 or 106 degrees (body temps must be over 108 to cause damage). And there are ways to comfort your child or yourself during a fever. A lukewarm bath, a cold washcloth on the head, peppermint essential oil will naturally lower a fever while providing comfort when applied to the bottom of the feet and along the spine.
This information is out there, so why are people still running to the doctors for answers, prescriptions, or administering acetaminophen or ibuprofen at the slightest increase in temperature? Because we are an instant gratification and immediate results mentality society. We want what we want, and we wanted it yesterday.
I encourage you to try one thing that is natural the next time you feel under the weather, one holistic remedy before reaching for an OTC. Give it some time. Let your body show you that it has the power and strength to fight for itself. You are strong. Your body is strong. Let it fight for you!

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